Every week we stream the nicest digital party from the Netherlands straight into your living room! Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can cook, play games, sing, laugh, dance and relax together with the coolest performers at SemiFest.

We would love to have real interaction with you! That's why SemiFest is the first Dutch platform with two-way streaming: you can influence what happens during the show by pressing the buttons on your screen.

You can - if you want to- join the show via Zoom, ask your questions, join the games (and win prices) and decide the progress of the show together with the other viewers!

How do I get to join the show?

To join the show you only have to create an account. To watch you go to the homepage and select the show of your choice in the line-up. From here you can start the stream at the time that is mentioned.

How do the interactions work?

As soon as we are live you see the buttons on the side of your screen (when you don't watch in full-screen mode). You can use these buttons to join interactively when you feel like it. The buttons you can see:

  • Shout-out: Place a comment and see it during the show.

  • Quiz: Test your knowledge via multiple choice questions.

  • Bingo: Old school Bingo. Win cool prices at SemiFest Live!

  • Poll: You and others choose the progress of the show. Majority rules!

  • Zoom: Via the zoom button you will be linked to the Zoom app. Artists can see and talk to you now and you can still watch the show!

Which screen works best?

You can watch from every device but the bigger the screen the better the quality. Also because when you join via your laptop or desktop you can keep Zoom open while playing games such as Bingo. The real SemiFest fans use two screens. It is all possible.


Here you don't find artist that send there message from a stage all night without receiving anything. SemiFest is about interaction. You, the viewer, makes that SemiFest isn't just a platform, we are a community.


SemiFest is not meant to be picture perfect. We strive for authenticity, vulnarability and humor. Here you find personal content which you can experience from your living room.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Practical information
  • Livestream questions
  • SemiFest Live interactions

Where can I ask (technical) questions during the stream?

You can ask your (technical) question via support@semifest.live or via WhatsApp: 06-38888511.

What do I need to watch the stream?

Three things are required in order to watch the stream:

1. A smarthpone, tablet or computer to watch the stream on. The latest version of an internetbrowser should be installed on this device.

2. A stable internet connection. Cable works best but WiFi or 4G works as well.

3. A SemiFest account to be able to log in during the stream.

Can I swap devices during the livestream?

Yes, that is possible.

Is it possible to cast the stream to my television?

Yes, it is possible to stream the show from your smartphone, tablet or computer via Chromecast or AppleTV to your television screen.

Can I watch the stream from another country?

Ofcourse, no worries mate!

Which browser can be used to watch the stream?

Desktop: Apple OSX: Safari 12 + FireFox 71 + Chrome 81 + Desktop: Windows Edge 80 + FireFox 71 + Chrome 81 + Mobile/tablet: IOS (12 +) Safari Mobile/tablet: Android (8 +) Chrome