Frequently asked Questions

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Where can I ask (technical) questions during the stream?

You can ask your (technical) question via or via WhatsApp: 06-38888511.

What do I need to watch the stream?

Three things are required in order to watch the stream:

1. A smarthpone, tablet or computer to watch the stream on. The latest version of an internetbrowser should be installed on this device.

2. A stable internet connection. Cable works best but WiFi or 4G works as well.

3. A SemiFest account to be able to log in during the stream.

Can I swap devices during the livestream?

Yes, that is possible.

Is it possible to cast the stream to my television?

Yes, it is possible to stream the show from your smartphone, tablet or computer via Chromecast or AppleTV to your television screen.

Can I watch the stream from another country?

Ofcourse, no worries mate!

Which browser can be used to watch the stream?

Desktop: Apple OSX: Safari 12 + FireFox 71 + Chrome 81 + Desktop: Windows Edge 80 + FireFox 71 + Chrome 81 + Mobile/tablet: IOS (12 +) Safari Mobile/tablet: Android (8 +) Chrome